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Exoneration sought for Ethel Rosenberg, executed as spy in 1953

By CAITLIN ASHWORTHStaff Writer Tuesday, October 11, 2016 EASTHAMPTON — Michael Meeropol was just 10 years old when his mother and father, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, were executed for conspiracy to… Read More

Meeropol brothers launch petition to exonerate their mother, Ethel Rosenberg

Readers of the People's World and its antecedents may know something about the federal spying case against 

Petition demands justice for Ethel Rosenberg

The Rosenberg Fund for Children is petitioning the White House to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg. Along with her spouse Julius Rosenberg, Ethel was executed on June 19, 1953, after being convicted of… Read More

Why BORDC/DDF is Joining the Campaign to Exonerate Ethel Rosenberg: The evidence just didn’t add up.

In 1953, just two years after being convicted for conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act, Ethel Rosenberg, along with her husband Julius, was executed by the United States government. The Rosenbergs… Read More

Did the Rosenberg Prosecutors Suborn Perjury?

Bennett L. GershmanProfessor of Law, Pace

Jewish-American woman executed for spying may have been innocent

July 17, 2015 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Grand Jury Testimony In Cold War-Era Rosenberg Case Released

 July 15, 2015 7:20 PM ETKrishnadev Calamur

'Soviet spy' Ethel Rosenberg may have been innocent

Arden Dier, Newser staff 9:30 a.m. EDT July 16, 2015

Ethel Rosenberg Innocent? Did She Take Her Brother’s Seat In The Executioner’s Chair?

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, a couple accused of espionage and selling secrets of the atomic bomb to Russia, were executed in 1953 for what was hailed the “crime of the century.” Now, over 60 years… Read More

Crucial Testimony Unsealed in Rosenberg Spy Case

The federal government on Wednesday unsealed decades-old grand jury testimony from the brother of Ethel Rosenberg, who along with her husband, Julius, was put to death in 1953 in a sensational Cold… Read More

Unsealed 1950 testimony minimizes Ethel Rosenberg's spying role

Newly unsealed testimony from Ethel Rosenberg’s brother, David Greenglass, minimizes her role in the spying operations of her husband, Julius Rosenberg, furthering public incredulity about her actual… Read More

Secret Grand Jury Testimony From Ethel Rosenberg’s Brother Is Released

More than six decades later, the prosecution of Ethel Rosenberg remains one of America’s most controversial criminal cases: Her conviction — and eventual execution — for joining in her husband Julius… Read More

Sons Robert and Michael Meeropol claim secret transcript release proves innocence of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

The sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the couple infamously convicted of espionage and executed by the government in 1953, believe the release Wednesday of grand jury testimony by Ethel Rosenberg’s… Read More

Strange Convergence

Robert Meeropol is the younger son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, who were executed as "atomic spies" in 1953 during the height of the anti-communist witch hunt. Meeropol is founder of the Rosenberg… Read More

Son of Rosenbergs preaches activism at Marshall University

Posted: Nov 11, 2014 11:48 PM EST Updated: Nov 12, 2014 12:52 AM ESTBy Ben Nandy, Reporter