Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Founded: September 1990, by Robert Meeropol

Status: 501(c)(3) organization; public foundation

Tax ID/EIN: 04-3095890

Supported financially by: 10,000+ individual donors

Number of children supported by RFC grants since 1990: More than 1000

Total amount of grants issued since 1990: Nearly $9 million

Eligibility: Children in the U.S. whose parents are targeted, progressive activists; and youth in the U.S. who themselves are targeted activists

Types of activities supported by RFC grants: Counseling; K-12 school tuition; camp tuition; art, dance or music lessons; daycare; after-school programs; participation on sports teams; travel to visit incarcerated parents or grandparents; or supplies for college or a similar program to prepare beneficiaries for adult life.

Age of grant recipients: 18 or under for standard RFC grants; 19-24 for “Carry it Forward” and Targeted Activist Youth Development Grants

Granting deadlines: twice/year, March 21 & October 13

Granting amounts: Maximum of $3000/child per year (up to age 18)

Leadership: Executive Director, Jennifer Meeropol, Board of Directors and Advisory Board (see www.rfc.org/staffandboards for lists of Board members)

Staff: Rachel Harb, Communications Manager; Cleo Rohn, Granting Coordinator

updated 03/23