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"This has felt like the longest, most monumental election of my lifetime." RFC Executive Director Jenn Meeropol shares her thoughts on 2020 and reports on the RFC's record-breaking fall granting cycle. Learn more, including how you can stand with the children of targeted activists at this critical time, here.

October 13th is the fall deadline to submit an application for grant support. You can find our basic info sheet and downloadable application documents on our granting applications page here.

If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to reach out to Sophie Chambers, who manages the grants program. Sophie is available to answer any questions you have about the application process, eligibility, use of funds,or other grant-related topics.

Grant applications are reviewed by our Board of Directors in November and families will hear from us with final decisions by early December.

"My wife’s fourth novel, Her Sister’s Tattoo, was published in April. It’s the story of Esther and Rosa, whose arrests during an anti-Vietnam War protest tear the sisters apart. It’s fiction, but it hits close to home. Elli has said that she never intended to write a novel about the Rosenberg Case. Still, it is hard to miss the parallels between my parents’ case and Elli’s story."

Robert shares his thoughts on his wife's latest novel, it's connections to the RFC, and "the most satisfying experience of his adult work life" in a new blog post here.

While we wish we could all safely gather together to celebrate the RFC's 30th anniversary, we are thrilled to be able to offer this virtual program to mark this milestone.

The five videos that form the discussion were taped on Saturday, May 9th via Zoom, bringing together participants in South America as well as the east and west coast of the United States to discuss inter-generational activism, repression, local and global community, and where to find inspiration in difficult times as well music and poetry from activist artists. Watch the videos here, then head over to our blog to share your feedback.

Kids wondering if their father will go to prison this summer for participating in a nonviolent demonstration. Young siblings staying with relatives as their dad—already struggling financially after he was fired from his job for his organizing—couch surfs while their mom self-isolates with a fever and other worrisome symptoms. These and so many more hardships are what our beneficiary families are dealing with right now due to the COVID-19 crisis and the inept response of the federal government.

Read Executive Director Jenn Meeropol's thoughts on this extraordinary anniversary here.

This spring the RFC awarded more than $165,000 for educational and emotional support to hundreds of children of targeted activists across the country. Learn more about the parents' activism and our special grocery gift card program here.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in righteous anger at the murder of #GeorgeFloyd and the legacy of racism and police brutality in this country. People are putting their bodies on the line to demand real change. We’ve already seen activists being harassed, threatened, arrested, beaten, and attacked because of their role in organizing efforts. We stand in solidarity with activists working to disrupt police violence and calling for justice for Black people in this country.

We offer grants to support kids whose parents are targeted for their activism, and to young people who are themselves targeted. Our mission is to help offer some emotional and/or educational support to these young people. We will be keeping an eye out, and we appreciate any help any members of our community can offer in letting folks know we are here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at granting@rfc.org or look here to find more info about our grants.

Everyone at the RFC sends our love and sympathy to those of you who are experiencing hardship or loss related to the current crisis. We also want to thank the many members of our community who have sent us messages of solidarity and concern or continued to donate to support our work.

Read our Executive Director’s update on the RFC, our plans for our 30th anniversary, our spring grants, and our general operations here.


Starting at 12 pm Eastern on 03/24/20, all non-essential employers in Massachusetts are under orders to entirely close their physical workplaces. As a result, the RFC has made several adjustments. Visit our Press Releases page for details.