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RFC Granting in a Time of Deepening Resistance

As activists across the country fight back against restrictive laws targeting reproductive health care, accurate portrayals of history in schools and colleges, appropriate care for trans youth and… Read More

Executive Director's Report: Building & Maintaining Community In a Changing World

In 2017 the RFC embarked on what became a deeply engaging 18+ month strategic planning process. It began with a survey of current and former Board, staff and consultants and resulted in a plan that… Read More

Fall 2023 grants: Record-breaking $450,000 in grants awarded as 21 new families join the RFC community in 2023

Granting summaries from the RFC's fall 2023 awards. Recent grants supported young activists from the Stop Cop City movement, the children of racial justice and LGBTQIA+ inclusion advocates, the… Read More

Meet the RFC Board: Mike & Buju

RFC Executive Director Jennifer Meeropol spoke with Board members Michael Ford and Nilanjana "Buju" Dasgupta about their connections to the RFC and how our work engages them.

Exciting news from beneficiary families

The RFC highlights two beneficiary families with positive updates, including long-awaited reunions with loved ones and a new project uplifting the voices of political prisoners.

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Mentions of the Day


Happy (almost) birthday to activist artist Billie Holiday, born on April 7, 1915. The talented, iconic blues singer performed and popularized Abel Meeropol's powerful and haunting anti-lynching… Read More

Today's Strange Fruit Mention of the Day is uber local to the RFC office. It comes from Northampton, MA where a literary gathering, the WriteAngles Conference, organized by the Straw Dogs Writers… Read More

Today's Strange Fruit Mention of the Day is an event on Thursday, February 8th that we've really looking forward to attending. There's still time to register for "The Billie Holiday Symposium," at… Read More

In a recent publication for Monthly Review, elder son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg and RFC Advisory Board member Michael Meeropol shares an in-depth history of Judge Irving R. Kaufman, who presided… Read More

Today's Strange Fruit Mention of the Day comes from Miami, Florida where a new art exhibit “Strange Fruits: Homage to Purvis Young” debuted, featuring a collection of works by local and international… Read More

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The Rosenberg Fund for Children relies on help from our supporters around the country to organize fundraising events for us in their local areas.