RFC grants pay for educationally and emotionally supportive activities for children of targeted progressive activists and youth who are targeted activists themselves.

Our grants help ensure these kids can attend summer camp, hire a tutor, receive therapy, attend a dance program or participate in other activities that allow them to have fun, process their experiences and heal. They make it possible for these kids not only to survive but thrive, despite the negative targeting their family has experienced.




Application Deadlines:

March 21 & October 13

If you know someone who might be eligible, please let us know! We are here to support the application process.

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Information for Applicants

Targeted Activist Youth (TAY) under 25 years old

Grants for Targeted Activist Youth (TAY) – this program provides support for young activists ages 18 to 24 who have faced targeting for their activism.

Support for Families

Activist parents with kids under age 25 who face retaliation for their progressive activism or community organizing .

Attica Fund Prison Visit Program

Children and grandchildren of political prisoners who need funds to help cover the cost of visiting their loved one.

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The Gathering Program

The RFC’s founder, Robert Meeropol, was six years old when his parents, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, were executed at the height of the McCarthy Era after one of the most hotly debated trials in U.S. history. Robert and his brother survived their nightmare in large part because of the loving and culturally rich life that was created for them by their adoptive parents, and by the progressive community who rallied to raise a trust fund to help them.

Aided by this emotional and financial support, the brothers grew up in a creative milieu, among writers, musicians

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Girls playing music

"We were so excited when we learned that you had decided to give grants for our music lessons. It has been difficult to pay for them since our father lost his job. Thank you for recognizing how our dad was singled out for his stand against war, and for realizing music's importance to our family."

RFC beneficiary siblings

Recent Grants

Mother Targeted for Pro-Choice Advocacy

$5000 for computers, educational materials, and recreation activities for the four sons, ages one to 16, whose mother participated in a news segment opposing her state’s abortion restrictions. As a… Read More
Gender Equality, LGBTQ, & Reproductive Rights

Mom in Asylum Limbo for 10+ Years

$4800 for school tuition and three CIF awards for five siblings, ages 15-22, whose mother is an immigrants’ rights activist. As a result of her organizing, her asylum case was delayed for 12 years,… Read More
Immigrants' Rights

Family Swatted

$4100 for childcare and a CIF award for the three siblings, ages 11 to 18, whose mother is a prominent racial justice activist. As a result of her organizing, the family has been targeted by… Read More
Racial Justice

Mother Blacklisted

$4500 for educational support, recreational activities and computers for three children, ages 11 to 16, whose mother advocates for individuals who were wronged in the criminal justice system and now… Read More
Civil Liberties

Whistleblower Imprisoned

$3000 for educational support and recreational activities for the two siblings, ages seven and 11, whose father exposed the FBI’s racist targeting of Muslim communities and was subsequently… Read More
Civil Liberties

Activist Forced out of Work

$2700 for dance classes, music lessons and a CIF award for three siblings, ages nine to 18, whose mother advocated against racism and rape culture in schools. In retaliation, she lost contracts with… Read More
Racial Justice

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