Attica Fund Prison Visit Program

Leonard Peltier with son and grandchild

Who is eligible for these grants?

  • Children and youth up to age 24 to visit activist parents from whom they have been separated because the activist parent(s) has been imprisoned.
  • Beneficiaries can only receive one Attica Prison Visit Program grant per year. Attica funds are generally dispersed based on receipts submitted for reimbursement, up to $2,000 annually.
  • In some cases we are also able to make reservations in advance, for example at a hotel that allows a third party credit card to be used. 



What does this grant fund?

  • Travel expenses for children to visit an activist parent (and in some cases grandparents) who has been incarcerated as a result of their activism.
  • Examples of expenses that we reimburse include: plane or train tickets, gas, tolls, rental cars, and food expenses incurred during the visit.

What does this grant NOT fund?

  • Trips to visit another incarcerated family member who is not a targeted activist
  • Trips to visit a targeted activist that do not include their children or grandchildren
  • The incarcerated activist’s expenses

Application Deadlines:

March 21 & October 13

Applications are considered twice each year. The deadline for applications for Spring grants is March 21st and for Fall grants is October 13th. The RFC Board of Directors awards all grants.

For questions or assistance, please contact the Granting Coordinator, Cleo Rohn, at or 508-275-2258. 

Please note that late applications will be considered last and may not be funded.