$2000 to provide a $200 Grocery Card for current RFC beneficiary families in crisis


$2500 to provide virtual programming for RFC beneficiaries.


$2400 for four CIF awards for textbooks and school supplies for three beneficiaries, ages 18 to 24, from three families. Their parents advocate for environmental justice, peace and racial justice
Environmental and Animal Rights, Peace, Racial Justice

Mother Targeted for Pro-Choice Advocacy

$5000 for computers, educational materials, and recreation activities for the four sons, ages one to 16, whose mother participated in a news segment opposing her state’s abortion restrictions. As a… Read More
Gender Equality, LGBTQ, & Reproductive Rights

Mom in Asylum Limbo for 10+ Years

$4800 for school tuition and three CIF awards for five siblings, ages 15-22, whose mother is an immigrants’ rights activist. As a result of her organizing, her asylum case was delayed for 12 years,… Read More
Immigrants' Rights

Mother Blacklisted

$4500 for educational support, recreational activities and computers for three children, ages 11 to 16, whose mother advocates for individuals who were wronged in the criminal justice system and now… Read More
Civil Liberties

Family Swatted

$4100 for childcare and a CIF award for the three siblings, ages 11 to 18, whose mother is a prominent racial justice activist. As a result of her organizing, the family has been targeted by… Read More
Racial Justice

Whistleblower Imprisoned

$3000 for educational support and recreational activities for the two siblings, ages seven and 11, whose father exposed the FBI’s racist targeting of Muslim communities and was subsequently… Read More
Civil Liberties

Activist Forced out of Work

$2700 for dance classes, music lessons and a CIF award for three siblings, ages nine to 18, whose mother advocated against racism and rape culture in schools. In retaliation, she lost contracts with… Read More
Racial Justice

Peaceful Organizer Charged

$1500 for mental health services for the 13-year-old child of a racial justice organizer who was falsely arrested at a peaceful protest. Because prosecutors charged her with gang enhancements, she… Read More
Racial Justice

Young Environmental Activist Expelled

$1500 for homeschooling support for the 13-year-old environmental activist who began a public protest every Friday afternoon to raise awareness of global heating. While many other students were… Read More
Environmental and Animal Rights

Peace Activist’s Vehicle Vandalized

$1500 for school tuition for the 13-year-old grandson whose grandmother (with whom he lives part time), a peace activist, travels the U.S. advocating for social justice in a truck painted with peace… Read More

Labor Organizer Followed

$1500 for tutoring for the nine-year-old daughter of an Amazon employee who spoke out against the company’s mistreatment of workers. She was followed on multiple occasions in suspected targeting for… Read More
Labor & Economic Justice

Activist Hit by Car

$1000 for a TAY Development grant for the 24-year-old racial justice activist who was hit by a government official's car during a protest. He also faced intimidation by local police officers who… Read More
Racial Justice

Activists Forced out of Work

$9100 for a broad range of programs for seven children, ages three to 22, from four families whose parents were fired for advocating for equality for their students, BLM, and journalist’s free speech… Read More
Civil Liberties

Activist Father Tortured

$4500 for educational supplies for four children, ages seven to 14, whose family fled the U.S. to escape the FBI’s harassment of their father for his outspoken opposition to U.S. foreign policy in… Read More
Civil Liberties

Organizer Serving 28 Years

$1850 for educational supplies and a CIF award for the two daughters, ages 18 and 23, whose father was a leader of an organization committed to Black and Brown unity, and human and civil rights. He… Read More
Civil Liberties

Journalist Stabbed

$1200 for educational support for the seven-year-old daughter whose father, a journalist, was attacked while covering a neo-Nazi rally. His attacker was not charged, but he was arrested and the… Read More
Civil Liberties