Grocery Gift Cards

$14,000 to provide a $200 Grocery Card for current RFC beneficiary families.


$2500 covering the costs of virtual programming for RFC beneficiaries in lieu of an in-person Gathering.


$5400 for nine CIF awards for textbooks and school supplies for nine beneficiaries, ages 18 to 24, from 6 families. Their parents advocate for animal rights, prisoners’ rights, human rights and… Read More

Activist’s Daughter Denied Scholarship

A CIF Award* for the 21-year-old daughter of an environmental and racial justice activist who runs a podcast that highlights local issues and amplifies the voices of those experiencing oppression.… Read More
Civil Liberties

Professor Fired for Speaking Out

$2000 for childcare for the two-year-old son whose dad is a professor and racial justice activist. The dad had a series of disagreements with his department and university about his fundraising for… Read More
Racial Justice

Hunger Strikers Retaliated Against

$12750 for therapy, childcare and educational support for eight children, ages two to 12, from four families whose fathers all participated in a hunger strike at a detention center to protest their… Read More
Immigrants' Rights
Location Withheld

Campus Organizer Targeted

$1000 for school tuition for the seven-year-old daughter whose mom is a recognized leader at her college. They have both been threatened by those opposed to racial justice events the mom has… Read More
Racial Justice

Police Target Mother

$1300 for dance lessons and summer camp for the 13-year-old daughter whose mother fought to reallocate funding from the police to mental health services. As a result, she was harassed online by local… Read More
Racial Justice

Family Threatened by KKK

$2100 for a computer and a CIF award for two daughters, ages 16 and 19, whose activist mom received death threats from the Klan for her efforts to desegregate a public housing complex.
Racial Justice

Teacher Threatened

$3000 for childcare and school tuition for two brothers, ages four and 16, whose father was targeted after advocating for fair treatment of a student who reacted physically to a classmate’s racist… Read More
Racial Justice

Mother Fired for Advocating for Anti-Racist Workplace

$3200 for recreational activities for two children, ages eight and 13, whose mom was fired after she advocated for an anti-racist framework at her job. She was subsequently harassed, and her home was… Read More
Racial Justice

Moms Blacklisted

$8350 for a computer, therapy, athletic expenses, and cultural programming for six children, ages 10 to 19, from two families, whose mothers were both targeted for their anti-racist organizing in the… Read More
Racial Justice

Fathers Targeted for Anti-Racist Activism

$11,800 for tuition, tutoring, and recreational activities for eight kids, ages nine to 16, from four families, whose dads faced repression for their racial justice organizing. Two lost jobs, one was… Read More
Racial Justice

Dad Punished for Anti-Prison Art

$3070 for music lessons and recreational activities for the eight and 12-year-old daughters whose incarcerated father advocates for prison abolition in his poetry and writing. His views have resulted… Read More
Prisoners' Rights/ U.S. Political Prisoners

Former Political Prisoner Faces Harassment

$4000 for school tuition for the 13-year-old twins whose father was incarcerated for anti-apartheid efforts and continues to face ongoing targeting for his work to free political prisoners.
Prisoners' Rights/ U.S. Political Prisoners

Mother Threatened for Helping Prisoners

$4500 for cultural programs for three children, ages seven to 18, whose mom created an alternative program for inmates at a federal penitentiary. She was accused of conspiring with a political… Read More
Prisoners' Rights/ U.S. Political Prisoners

Sons of Political Prisoners Targeted

$7500 for school tuition and an at home nature project for five kids, ages 11 to 17, from two families whose fathers are both children of political prisoners. Their activism on behalf of political… Read More
Prisoners' Rights/ U.S. Political Prisoners

Adoptive Dad Thwarted by Felonies

$1000 for sports expenses for the 14-year-old son whose father has been arrested upwards of 100 times for his direct actions related to peace and social justice. He has two felony convictions for… Read More