Leonard Peltier

Thanksgiving & Leonard Peltier

A confession – I love Thanksgiving.  My wife and I, plus our children and grandchildren, celebrate on Cape Cod with my brother and his family.  It is such a warm and cozy break from what is often the most frenetic time of the year at the Rosenberg Fund for Children.  I often joke – my family will say much too often – that I give thanks on Thanksgiving for surviving until Thanksgiving.

Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

I had a real treat a couple of weeks ago. Elli and I spent the weekend in New York City to celebrate our granddaughter, Josie’s second birthday. It took relatively little effort. A bit of planning, 3 or 4 hours in the car fighting heavy traffic, and we could join the other grandparents and a couple of aunts for a party with Josie, her parents and a few of their friends. It was a special, but commonplace, family ritual that fell within the normal course of our lives.

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