Scott Brown

The Committee to Protect the Foreign Born

I learned yesterday that one of Massachusetts’ Senators, Scott Brown, has joined Senator Joe Lieberman in co-sponsoring a bill to strip the citizenship from any naturalized U.S. citizen whom the State Department determines is associated with a terrorist group. The purpose of this bill apparently is to have such people tried by “military commissions,” as opposed to our court system.

Dump the Lesser Evil?

Part 1

Have you ever had an event trigger an understanding of something you thought you already knew, but apparently did not grasp fully? That’s the way I felt on January 20th, the morning after Scott Brown’s victory in the Massachusetts special senatorial election on January 19th. Then I had my face rubbed in it by the Supreme Court’s decision giving corporations even greater power over what is left of our feeble democratic process.

Haiti- a Taste of What’s to Come?

I’m writing this on Tuesday evening, January 19th, the day the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Mumia abu-Jamal that a lower court decision vacating his death sentence must be reconsidered by the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals. While the decision is not a complete disaster, Mumia is one step closer tonight to having his death sentence reinstated. This evening I’ve also learned the results of the special election to fill Edward Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts.

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