Rosenberg Fund for Children Denounces Treatment of Immigrants and Refugees...

For immediate release, July 10, 2020

Rosenberg Fund for Children Denounces Treatment of Immigrants and Refugees, Offers Unique Aid to Immigration Activists, Supports Calls to #ClosetheCamps, & Joins Scores of Groups Endorsing Nationwide Lights for Liberty Vigils July 12th

Easthampton, MA- Vigils and other actions protesting our government’s inhumane, unjust and ineffective immigration policies, and calling for an end to the detention camps, are planned around the country on July 12th. Many of these events are being organized by or are affiliated with the group Lights for Liberty. The Rosenberg Fund for Children supports those working to #ClosetheCamps and has joined dozens of other organizations as a Lights for Liberty sponsor.

The RFC stands in solidarity with and offers unique resources to immigrants’ rights activists who are being targeted by ICE because they’re speaking out against deportations and other anti-immigrant policies. We know movement organizers are being harassed, arrested, detained, deported, fired, injured and imprisoned for their participation in this struggle; we’re already helping some of them.

We denounce this politically motivated targeting and offer both emotional and practical support to targeted immigrants’ rights activists and their families in the U.S., regardless of their documentation status. The RFC offers monetary grants (direct funding) for targeted activists under age 25, or targeted activists’ children who are 24 or younger. In some cases the grants can be up to several thousand dollars per recipient per year and are renewable.

Our founder, Robert Meeropol, started the Rosenberg Fund for Children (the organization his daughter Jenn Meeropol now runs) to honor the people who rallied around him and his brother when they faced family separation following the arrest of their parents, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. “Many people feel paralyzed by the enormity of the immigration crisis and wonder whether donating a little money to groups on the ground or making calls or attending demonstrations matters,” observes Jenn. “I know from our work at the RFC, and from my family’s own experiences, that seeing hundreds, thousands or millions of people acknowledge your pain and act to stop it can make a huge difference.”

The RFC encourages any immigrants’ rights activist (under age 25 or with children under age 25) who has been detained or harassed for their organizing to contact us on social media, at or 413-529-0063 to see if we can help. Or visit for more information. ### For information contact, (413) 529-0063