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Carry it Forward, the RFC's newsletter, is published twice a year in March and September.  Each edition describes every grant made in the most recent granting cycle, as well as recent events and other RFC news.


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RFC Virtual Programs Commemorate 70th Anniversary of Rosenbergs’ Executions

Participants logged in from across the United States as well as Britain, France and Canada. We were gratified that so many members of our community–supporters, beneficiaries, friends from allied… Read More

Ten Years as Executive Director

As I reflect on this anniversary, I’m struck by how much has changed over the past decade while the core of our work has remained consistent. Since 2013 we launched the Exonerate Ethel campaign,… Read More

Spring 2023 Grants: Over $230,000 Granted in Spring 2023 as Demand Continues to Spike

In Spring 2023 we awarded a staggering 93 grants - that’s over $230,000 in grant funds in one season. Our new grantees, many of whom are young activists, reflect the myriad of battles in our current… Read More

At the Intersection of Healing & Justice

Throughout our 30+ year history, the Rosenberg Fund for Children has been proud to provide group grants to an organization that works at the intersection of healing and justice, the Heartland… Read More

Just Security Op Ed

Seventy years after the U.S. government executed Ethel and Julius Rosenberg for "conspiracy to commit espionage," their sons Michael and Robert Meeropol call on Director of Intelligence Avril Haines… Read More

Key Updates

The beautiful graphics throughout the RFC’s new short film, The Rosenberg Case 70 Years Later: Fighting Fascism Then and Now, are the work of graphic artist Abby VanMuijen. The RFC partnered with a… Read More

Bequests Help Ensure our Sustainability

In their final letter to my father and uncle, my grandparents wrote that they were comforted in the sure knowledge that others would carry on after them. This year, as we marked the 70th anniversary… Read More

The Rosenberg Case 70 Years Later: Fighting Fascism Then and Now

You’re invited to join us virtually for the premiere of a short film produced by the RFC on either of two screening dates – June 14th or June 25th. The event will feature Angela Davis, Rosenberg sons… Read More

Meeropols Make Ethel Rosenberg FOIA Request

In 2016 my brother Michael and I, in conjunction with the RFC, launched the Exonerate Ethel campaign. We asked then-President Obama to issue a proclamation declaring that our mother’s conviction and… Read More

Over $410,000 Awarded as Eighteen New Families Join the RFC Community

Last fall, the RFC awarded almost $200,000 in grants, which brought our annual total to over $410,000 for the second year in a row. Clearly, there is a significant need for educational and emotional… Read More

Three Years Later, COVID and Our Operations

Almost exactly three years ago, on Friday, March 13th 2020, I emailed the RFC Board to let them know that we were closing the RFC office for two weeks due to COVID-19. I reassured Board members that… Read More

A Dozen New Families Join the RFC as Grants Approach $8.5 Million

In our latest granting cycle, the RFC welcomed 12 new families to our beneficiary community, renewed funding for an additional 68 families, and awarded special grants and programs for beneficiaries… Read More

Anniversaries, Milestones and the End of Roe

I’ve been thinking a lot about anniversaries and milestones recently. That’s not surprising, given that the RFC recently wrapped up an 18-plus month celebration of our 30th anniversary (delayed and… Read More

A Successful Pivot to Gathering Virtually

The RFC is continuing to explore how to bring members of our community together while travel and gathering together still poses risk of COVID transmission. We are excited to announce that this summer… Read More

Help us Stand with Targeted Youth Activists

In addition to supporting the children of targeted activists, the RFC also supports Targeted Activist Youth (TAY). These young people who faced harassment for their own organizing are eligible for… Read More

Exonerate Update

The crush of national and international events continues to make it difficult to relaunch the Exonerate Ethel campaign. With the midterm elections on our doorstep, we are delaying further until after… Read More

Bequest Support Critical

In their final letter to my father and uncle, my grandparents wrote that they were comforted in the sure knowledge that others would carry on after them. Almost 70 years later, the Rosenberg Fund for… Read More

Dreams for a Broken World

We’re excited to announce that preorders are now open for Dreams for a Broken World, a collection of short stories edited by Julie Day and RFC Advisory Board member Ellen Meeropol. All the proceeds… Read More