Parents Fight to Protect Environment

$18,760 for a broad range of programs for 12 children, ages five to 18, from four families. Some parents were beaten and arrested while marching against environmental racism; others were attacked and… Read More
Environmental and Animal Rights

Mom Harassed

$1000 for gymnastics for the five-year-old daughter, whose mom chose to go public about being stopped by a Customs and Border Patrol agent because she was speaking Spanish. She took legal action and… Read More
Civil Liberties
Location Withheld

Father's Career Sabotaged

$1000 for camping equipment for the 14-year-old son whose father, an independent journalist, was fired and blacklisted for expressing progressive views and covering controversial topics.
Civil Liberties

Organizer Serving 28 Years

$1000 for interactive fitness equipment for the 18-year-old daughter whose father was a leader of an organization committed to Black and Brown unity, and human and civil rights. He was convicted of… Read More
Civil Liberties

Journalist Stabbed

$1500 for educational support for the seven-year-old daughter whose father, a journalist, was attacked while covering a neo-Nazi rally. His attacker was not charged, but he was arrested and the… Read More
Civil Liberties

Dad Fired for Participating in Protest

$4000 for childcare and educational supplies for the two children, ages two and 11, whose father has faced harassment due to his involvement in various social justice movements and was fired from his… Read More
Civil Liberties

Activist Moms Forced out of Work

$5100 for school tuition, tutoring, and a CIF award for four children, ages 15 to 19, from two families whose mothers were both fired after advocating for equality and inclusion for their students.
Civil Liberties

Activist Tortured

$7500 for educational supplies for four children, ages six to 13, whose family fled the U.S. to escape the FBI’s harassment of their father for his outspoken opposition to U.S. foreign policy in the… Read More
Civil Liberties

Grocery Gift Cards

$15,000 to provide a $200 Grocery Card for RFC beneficiary families.


$600 for a CIF award for textbooks and school supplies for the 19- year-old daughter whose parents are peace activists

Family Threatened by KKK

$4420 for driver’s education, orthodontia, and two CIF awards for 4 children, ages 16 to 22, whose activist mom received death threats from the Klan for her efforts to desegregate a public housing… Read More
Racial Justice


$3600 for six CIF awards for textbooks and school supplies for six beneficiaries, ages 18 to 24, from 5 families. Their parents advocate for racial justice, prisoners’ rights, and human rights.

Moms Blacklisted

$5540 for tutoring, athletic expenses, and cultural programming for four children, ages nine to 18, from two families, whose mothers were both targeted for their anti-racist organizing in the… Read More
Racial Justice

Racial Justice Activists Attacked

$8,800 for childcare, school tuition, and school supplies for five children, ages 4 to 18, from three families whose parents received death threats and other threatening messages because of their… Read More
Racial Justice

Fathers Targeted for Anti-Racist Activism

$12,400 for tuition, tutoring, recreational activities and cultural programming for eight kids, ages nine to 15, from four families, whose dads faced repression for their racial justice organizing.… Read More
Racial Justice

Dad Punished for Anti-Prison Art

$2560 for a computer and educational materials for the eight and 12-year-old daughters whose incarcerated father advocates for prison abolition in his poetry and writing. His views have resulted in… Read More
Prisoners' Rights/ U.S. Political Prisoners

Former Political Prisoner Faces Harassment

$3200 for school tuition for the 13-year-old twins whose father was incarcerated for anti-apartheid efforts and continues to face ongoing targeting for his work to free political prisoners.
Prisoners' Rights/ U.S. Political Prisoners

Mothers Threatened for Helping Prisoners

$6800 for cultural programs and educational support for four children, ages seven to 18, from two families whose mothers were threatened for advocating for better programs and treatment of inmates.
Prisoners' Rights/ U.S. Political Prisoners