Make a Bequest (Stock, 401k)

Make a Bequest (Stock, 401k)
Rosenbergs in the park

In their final letter to my father and uncle, my grandparents wrote that they were comforted in the sure knowledge that others would carry on after them.

The Rosenberg Fund for Children justifies that trust by lending our community’s support to the children of targeted activists. I wish that those fighting for economic, environmental and social justice were not targeted and that their children no longer required our aid. But unfortunately, it seems likely that today’s repressive conditions will persist for the foreseeable future.

You have the power to justify my grandparents’ faith in continuing progressive activism, by making a bequest to the RFC. With such a gift you can honor Ethel and Julius’ legacy and ensure that we will be able to answer children’s cries for our aid in the future.

Please take the time now to add the RFC as a beneficiary of your estate. Our Tax ID/EIN is 04-3095890. If you need more information I would be happy to assist you.

By phone: (413) 529-0063
By mail
By surface mail: Rosenberg Fund for Children
116 Pleasant St., Suite 348
Easthampton, MA 01027

—Jennifer Meeropol