Goodbye Amber

After more than 20 years on staff, the RFC’s Communications Director, Amber Black, left the organization this summer. Originally hired as the Public Relations Coordinator, Amber was an integral part of presenting the RFC to the public for the past two decades. She generated media coverage; produced hundreds of events around the country; wrote or edited the majority of our external-facing communications; and was very involved in fundraising.

Later, Amber added video production and tech support to her roles. She also championed our “Artists as Activists” programming, initiated the “Strange Fruit” and Rosenberg Mentions of the Day on social media, and helped lead the Exonerate Ethel campaign.

Amber shared, “After 20-plus years doing work I loved, for an organization whose mission I still find moving, inspiring, and important, it was time for a change. Thanks to everyone who collaborated with me in support of the children of resistance these last two decades.”

We’ll miss Amber and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.