25th anniversary

Call to Artists

When Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were fighting for their lives at the height of the McCarthy-era Red Scare, many high profile people were among the tens of thousands of concerned individuals worldwide who rallied to try to save them. From that dark time to the present, artists have been some of the most prominent individuals to call for justice for the Rosenbergs and to champion the progressive values that Ethel and Julius died defending.

Looking Forward, Flashing Back: The RFC at 25 and Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Happy New Year to the entire RFC community! I hope you all are enjoying a good start to 2015 despite the dismal weather and even more depressing national and international news.

This fall marks the RFC’s 25th anniversary. We are planning to honor this milestone in a variety of ways as 2015 unfolds, culminating in a celebration near our office in western Massachusetts in October or November (we’ll share information about our plans a little later this year).


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