Ethel Rosenberg

June 19, 2014

My grandparents were executed 61 years ago today.  In their final letter to my father and uncle they wrote they “were comforted in the sure knowledge that others would carry on after us.” (Click here to see Eve Ensler and Cotter Smith read the letter, introduced by Angela Davis.) Since 1990, support from thousands of people allowed first my dad, and more recently me, to justify their faith and convert the destruction that was visited upon our family into the Rosenberg Fund for Children to benefit kids whose families a

Treason Revisited

The subject of treason came up in a rerun of the television series I was watching last week.   Naturally, the heroes got involved in foiling a terrorism plot.  While being given classified government information during a briefing they were told that if they divulge anything about it they would be committing treason.  I didn’t think anything of this at the time, perhaps because recently I’ve heard similar statements on several other TV shows.

Ethel & Julius Rosenberg and Bradley Manning: A Question of Loyalty

The case of Private Bradley Manning, accused of being the source of Wikileaks’ massive outing of “secret” United States diplomatic information, is back in the news. He is now in the midst of a procedural hearing (technically called an Article 32 hearing) to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to hold a Court Martial (see for additional information).

Angels in America

Last weekend Elli and I had the privilege of seeing both parts of Tony Kushner’s brilliant play Angels in America in New York City. This is a marathon: two 3½ hour segments separated by a 2½ hour break. I was mesmerized by this revival of the original 1993 production, but I don’t intend to review the play in this blog. Instead I’ll focus on one small, but important, interaction that takes place late in its second part.


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