The Price of Activism

The Price of Activism

By Stephanie Kraft
Thursday, October 14, 2010

Activists who abandon normal lives to serve political and social causes suffer in many ways. They may lose their lives; they may go to prison; they may have trouble making ends meet and keeping their families together. Their suffering is the stuff books are made of.

But what happens to their children?

Against a background of controversial activism that reaches to militancy, even alleged espionage, the welfare and the destinies of activists' children will be the theme of the Rosenberg Fund for Children's 20th anniversary gala on October 17. Ray Luc Levasseur of the Ohio Seven, a militant activist acquitted of sedition in Springfield but convicted on other charges stemming from his group's bombing of public buildings in the 1980s, will speak about the government's dealings with his children and those of his associates in the group after they were arrested in the late '80s.

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