Over $200,000 Awarded in the First Half of 2013!

This spring the RFC awarded grants to 72 families totaling just over $200,000. One is a new special Group Grant, the remaining 71 are renewal grants to aid 145 children. The continuing targeting of individuals and families committed to progressive activism cries out for our urgent support.


1. Special Group Grant Replaces Equipment Destroyed by Police Raid. $7500 for a community music organization for young people ages 17 to 24, providing a safe and alternative space for political education and Hip Hop workshops. Founded by a group of young musicians, several of whom are the children of Chilean refugee activists tortured during the Pinochet dictatorship, they were violently evicted from their space by police because of their political organizing. NY


2. The Ozzy Klate Memorial Fund.* $1000 for summer arts programs for the 12-year-old daughter whose mother was charged in the first federal conspiracy case against anti-war activists since Vietnam, and has been imprisoned for civil disobedience at recruiting centers and against drone strikes. NY

(* See www.rfc.org/namedfunds to learn more.)

3-9. Parents Fight for Better Environment, Racial Equality. $28,000 for programs for 17 children, ages four to 16, from seven families. Three mothers and a father were beaten and arrested while marching against environmental racism; others were attacked and/or imprisoned for their community organizing work. GA, NY, CA

10-11. Anti-War Muslim Activists Jailed. $14,900 for computers and educational support, and Attica Fund Prison Visit grants* for the eight children, ages seven to 19, in two families whose fathers were both convicted after an FBI sting targeting them for their public anti-war activities and support for a local Mosque. NY

(*Attica Fund Prison Visit grants enable the children and grandchildren of political prisoners to visit their jailed loved ones.)

12-16. Parents Arrested for Working for Peace. $10,968 for cultural and educational programs, summer camp, and a Carry It Forward (CIF) award* for eight children, ages two to 21, from five families who are members of several pacifist communities. ME, NJ, NY, VA

(*CIF awards of $600 are for 18 to 24-year-olds to help pay for costs associated with college or similar programs designed to prepare them for adult life.)

17. Two Generations Targeted. $7500 for school tuition for the five children, ages seven to 17, whose father, himself the son of a political prisoner, was fired for giving a lecture supporting political prisoners. GA

18. Family Threatened by KKK. $7065 for educational support, summer camp, and orthodontia for five children, ages eight to 17, whose mother received death threats from the Klan for her efforts to desegregate a public housing complex. OR

19. Father Charged for Protesting with his Children. $6488 for a range of cultural programs and a CIF award for six children, ages eight to 19, whose father was arrested at a peaceful demonstration with his kids. He faced charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for bringing his children to the protest. NC           

20. Activist Mother Forced to Find Another Job. $6000 for dance and music lessons and school tuition for the four children, ages seven to 18, whose mother’s support for an arrested Muslim caused her boss to pressure her to find a job where she’d “feel more at home.” GA

21. Daughter of Political Prisoner Loses Job. $5000 for educational support for the one-year-old granddaughter and 18-year-old daughter whose guardian/mother, the daughter of a former Black Panther political prisoner, experienced police harassment as a child but still organized on behalf of her father and other political prisoners. An Attica grant will allow the children, along with eight of their cousins, to visit their incarcerated love one. GA

22. Vieques Activist. $4600 for educational support and a CIF award for the 16-year-old son and 18 and 22-year-old daughters whose father was incarcerated for working to stop Navy bombing on their island. PR

23. Children of Pacifist. $4400 for sports programs for three children, ages three to 17, whose father faced fines and jail time for his anti-missile shield action. OK

24. Journalist Harassed. $4200 for educational programs for the three children, ages five to 11, whose father, an activist reporter, was questioned and subpoenaed after reporting on police brutality and racial profiling at protests. TX

25. Anti-Racist Activism Costs Family. $4000 for educational support for the six and eight-year-old daughters whose mother was targeted for advocating for students’ rights. As a result, she lost her teaching job. GA

26. Family’s Home Raided. $4000 for summer camp for the 15 and 16-year-old daughters whose father was harassed by the police for his role in organizing demonstrations against corporations that produce genetically modified foods. MN

27. Teacher Fired for Advocating for her Students. $4000 for childcare and educational support for the two children, ages five and 17, whose mother lost her job because of her efforts on behalf of her students. GA

28. Children at Risk. $4000 for cultural programs and a computer for the 13-year-old son and 20-year old daughter whose mother is a refugee women’s rights activist. Her captors tortured her and threatened her children. OK

29. Sons Flee with Mother. $3700 for summer camp and sports programs for three sons, ages nine to 17, whose mother was threatened with prison for trying to address the needs of low-income families. TX

30. Mother Faces Possible Loss of Son. $3500 for childcare and school tuition for the five-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son whose mother, a GLBTQ community activist, was threatened by the state with the removal of her son. OR

31. Second Generation Activist Father. $3500 for cultural programs and an Attica grant for the 12-year-old daughter whose father, himself the son of an African American political prisoner, has been harassed by police for years. PA

32. Pregnant Mother Separated from Children. $3500 for educational and sports programs for the four children, ages two to 11, whose mother, an Iraq War resister, fled to Canada with her family. She was deported to the U.S. where she is serving a 10-month sentence. TX

33-34. Parents Resist Grand Jury Witch Hunts. $3319 for dance and sports programs and summer camp for the eight and nine-year-old daughters from two families. The parents are members of peace groups who have refused to testify before grand juries. IL, MN

35. Family Forced to Flee. $3000 for educational support for the 16-year old daughter whose family escaped Guatemala after her human rights activist father received death threats. IL

36. Summer Program for Son. $3000 for a performing arts summer camp for the 17-year-old son whose father, an anti-war activist, was accused of being part of a terrorist-sympathizing organization (a pacifist group), and imprisoned. CT

37. Mother Fights to End Torture. $3000 for summer camp and enrichment programs for the eight-year-old daughter and 16-year-old sister whose mother/guardian provided advocacy and assistance to women whose rights had been violated. She was detained and arrested before seeking refuge in the U.S. IL

38. Iraq War Resister. $2990 for sports programs for the 18-year-old twin daughters whose father is a formerly incarcerated conscientious objector. CA         

39. Daughter Held at Gunpoint. $2100 for a CIF award and an Attica grant for the 22-year-old daughter whose mother, an environmental activist, is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence. PA

40. Creative Outlet for Sons. $2016 for music lessons for the 14 and 16-year-old sons whose father is a formerly incarcerated prisoners’ rights activist. VT

41. Daughters Assaulted. $2000 for school tuition for the six-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter whose mother, an anti-female genital mutilation activist, was forced to flee her home country with her children after two of her daughters were attacked in retaliation for her work. NY

42. Activist Imprisoned Repeatedly. $2000 for school tuition for the 17-year-old son whose father was a leader of the struggle to free Vieques. PR

43. Anti-War Teen Arrested. $2000 for a computer for the 15-year-old Occupy and Witness Against Torture targeted activist youth, who has been arrested numerous times for protesting. IA

44. Father Dies After Lengthy Imprisonment. $2000 for tuition at a progressive school for the 10-year-old son whose father was a black revolutionary leader wrongly jailed for 27 years. GA

45. Father “Disappeared,” Mother and Daughter Flee. $2000 for an educational enrichment program for the 17-year-old daughter whose activist father was targeted during the Guatemalan civil war for his anti-military regime, pro-student efforts. IL

46. Family of Terminally Ill Inmate Reunited. $2000 for an Attica grant to enable the two-year-old great-grandson and his mother, the granddaughter of an imprisoned, radical attorney, to visit her as she fights cancer. NY

47. Son Separated from Father. $2000 for sports lessons for the nine-year-old son whose father, a trade unionist and co-founder of an immigrants’ rights collective, was arrested on politically motivated charges. FL

48. Parents Face Threat of Deadly Force. $1968 for music lessons for the 12-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter whose parents, members of a pacifist community, have participated in numerous protests despite a declaration from officials allowing the use of “deadly force” against protestors if they “infiltrate the military complex in a time of war.” CA

49. Mother Continues Legacy of Activism. $1873 for music lessons and summer camp for four children, ages one to 13, whose mother, herself the daughter of a targeted activist, has worked for children’s, women’s and impoverished people’s rights and against racism. OR

50. Family Attacked. $1808 for music and sports lessons, and summer camp for the 10 and 12-year-old daughters whose activist father was part of a coalition demanding accountability for the disappearance of hundreds of refugees. In retaliation, soldiers invaded their home and assaulted the mother and children. They fled to the U.S. and were granted asylum. IL

51. Young Activist Assaulted. $1600 for a Development grant* and a CIF award for the 22-year-old targeted activist youth who as a student organizer on his campus was pepper sprayed while engaged in non-violent protest and was beaten by police during an arrest despite not resisting. PR

(*Development grants of up to $1000 are for targeted activist youth to further their education, support their emotional needs or develop their organizing skills.)

52. Father Jailed, Tortured. $1500 for recreational activities for the 11-year-old daughter whose father was a leader in the fight against human rights violations in his West African home country. He was imprisoned and tortured before escaping with his daughters to the U.S. IL

53. Child of Imprisoned Environmental Activist. $1500 for counseling and extra-curricular programs for the 10-year-old daughter whose father served an eight-month sentence for destroying traps set for mountain lions, and was re-imprisoned for accepting a Facebook friend request. MI

54. Activist’s Life Threatened. $1500 for music lessons for the 18-year-old daughter whose labor organizer father fled Ecuador after being targeted by death squads. IL

55. Father Fought for Indigenous Rights. $1500 for educational support and orthodontia for the 15-year-old son whose deceased father was a Native American prisoners’ rights activist. NM

56. Mother Disabled by Beating. $1400 for music and swim lessons and summer camp for the 14-year-old daughter whose mother was beaten during a Republican National Convention. WA

57. Son Reunited with Mother After Father’s Death. A special $1200 grant for the 20-year-old son whose father, a COINTELPRO target, was forced to flee the country. The grant helped him visit family members he had not seen for more than a decade. NY       

58. Targeted for Reporting the Truth. $1100 for sports programs for the 13-year-old son whose father, an independent journalist, was fired and blacklisted for expressing progressive views and covering controversial topics. MN

59. Father Refuses to be Silenced. $1060 for tennis and piano lessons for the 12-year-old daughter whose father survived a year in a concentration camp in Bosnia. He testified against his captors despite receiving numerous death threats. IL

60. Mother Assaulted, Arrested. $1000 for tutoring for the 17-year-old son whose mother, an animal rights activist, suffered numerous arrests, police beatings, and a miscarriage. PA

61. Second Generation Activist Attacked. $1000 Development grant for the 22-year-old daughter whose father is also a targeted activist. She was chased and harassed by police for her organizing efforts in support of a student strike at her university. PR

62. Youth Protests Military in School. $1000 Development grant for the 22-year-old who protested the presence of JROTC shooting ranges on his high school campus and that military recruiters outnumbered college counselors. In retaliation, his principal banned him from his own commencement ceremony. CA

63. Student Fights to Prevent Suicides. $1000 Development grant for the 20-year-old who started a student support group at her high school. Despite numerous acts of sabotage from the principal (including confiscating the group’s funds), the activist became the Student Body President during her senior year and the organization continues to thrive. CA

64. Iraq War Resister Jailed. $840 for recreational programs and a CIF award for the nine and 10-year-old daughters and 19-year-old son whose father served a four-month sentence for refusing to redeploy to Iraq. CO

65. Former Black Panther Father Re-Arrested. $750 for educational support for the 16-year old daughter whose father was accused of killing a police officer in 1971, tortured into confessing to the crime, and recently re-arrested for the murder based on the coerced confession. FL

66. Aid for Child of Refugees. $685 for recreational and cultural activities for the 13-year-old daughter whose mother and grandmother were arrested and tortured for protesting students’ human rights violations in their home country, and ultimately fled to the U.S. IL

.67. Puerto Rican Environmental Hero Attacked. $600 for music and art classes for the 18-year-old son whose father is an environmental activist repeatedly incarcerated for his non-violent actions to force the Navy out of Vieques. PR

68. Grandmother Stood Up to the Klan. $599 for dance classes and a sewing machine for the 18-year-old girl whose grandmother, her legal guardian, faced death threats for her efforts to desegregate a federal housing project in Texas. OR

69. Anti-Globalization Political Prisoner. $535 for drivers education classes and recreational activities for the 17-year-old daughter whose father spent over seven years behind bars. OR

CIF Awards

70-71. CIF Awards. $1200 for two beneficiaries, ages 18 and 19, from two families. CA, PR

Attica Prison Visit Program  Grant

72. Attica Grant. $2000 for the 23-year-old grandson of an African American political prisoner. PA