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Strange Fruit (& the Meeropol brothers) in the news

On April 24th, RFC Founder Robert Meeropol & Advisory Board member Michael Meeropol were interviewed  on CBS's "This Morning: Saturday"  for a segment on #strangefruit which will include info about their father (& songwriter), Abel Meeropol. The segment is available to watch online here.

The next day, the New York Times ran an excellent piece about the history of the iconic song, available here. From the article: "in the 21st century, 'Strange Fruit' has lived on, sampled in the 2000 song 'What’s Really Going On,' in which the singer Dwayne Wiggins recounts an episode of racial profiling at the hands of the police in Oakland, Calif....And in 2021, as the nation continues to reckon with a series of killings of unarmed Black people by the police — often captured in gruesome footage of Black men being shot or, in the case of George Floyd, knelt on by white officers — 'Strange Fruit' has maintained its place in the national conversation about racism.'