Join the Operating Fund Campaign

The RFC has a unique financial structure. It has two major funds: Operating and Granting.  Except for when we have obtained a contributor’s agreement or a gift is specifically designated for our general purposes, 90% of all donation income we receive is deposited into our Granting Fund account and either awarded immediately or invested to provide for future granting needs.  The remaining 10% is placed in the Operating Fund account.  Money in this account pays for salaries, rent, postage and other overhead expenses.

Those who wish to provide a level of support that helps to underwrite the entire RFC project may consider joining our Operating Fund Campaign in which major donors make multi-year pledges that usually range from $500 to $5000 annually. Funds raised by this campaign provide approximately half of our annual operating budget, and thus, provide the foundation upon which the entire RFC project rests.  The steadfast participation of dozens of our supporters in the Operating Fund Campaign is essential to our success, because even though we can’t make any grants if we can’t sustain our operation, it is much more difficult to raise operating money.

Contact us to join or learn more about the RFC’s Operating Fund Campaign. • (413) 529-0063

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