Near-Record Amount Awarded After Flood of Applications


Water Protector Imprisoned $3200 for an Attica Fund Prison Visit grant[1] and two Carry it Forward (CIF) awards[2] for a computer for the 22-year-old whose father was one of hundreds arrested at Standing Rock. He was charged with two felonies and forced to take a plea deal due to the excessive, retaliatory charges aimed at silencing movement leaders. ND

HERMAN WARSH MEMORIAL FUND* Environmental Lawyer Survives Assassination Attempt $2882 for music lessons and educational programming for the two sons, ages 13 and 17, whose father lives in exile in the U.S. He faced threats to his life for his advocacy work in his home country for rural communities’ right to control natural resources autonomously. MA (*For more information see

Human Rights Activist, Family Attacked $2000 for tutoring for the 12-year-old son whose father was driven out of his home country by government officials opposed to his efforts to end political violence. He was harassed and jailed, family members were beaten, and the son was threatened. The boy lives in the U.S. with his stepmother now while his father continues his activism abroad. MA

Young Immigrants’ Rights Activist Detained $1600 for a Targeted Activist Youth (TAY) Development grant[3] and CIF award for the 24-year-old targeted and detained by ICE following her outspoken campaign to release immigrants, including a family member, from detention. She is still fighting the government’s efforts to deport her even though she meets DACA requirements. CA

Family Harassed for Entering Sanctuary $1015 for after-school programming for the two boys, ages five and 11, whose mother chose to take them into sanctuary with her after receiving a deportation order, and was harassed by local political leaders opposed to her decision. She remains an advocate for immigrants’ rights. Location withheld

Mom Endures Federal Investigation $600 CIF award for the 20-year-old daughter whose mother teaches at a U.S. government-run school on a military base. U.S. officials interrogated the mom, examined personal and private records, and told her she was at risk of losing her job because she agreed to facilitate a socialist discussion group initiated by students. Location withheld

Support for Family of Political Prisoner $500 for school expenses for the 19-year-old granddaughter of a political prisoner and indigenous rights activist. She is the first of her family to attend college. AZ



Activist Mother Forced to Find Another Job $4500 for school tuition for three children, ages 13 to 17, whose mother’s support for an arrested Muslim caused her boss to pressure her to find a job where she’d “feel more at home.”  GA

Father Fired for Reporting the Truth. $2300 for sports equipment and a CIF award for the 11 and 19-year-old sons whose father, an independent journalist, was fired and blacklisted for expressing progressive views and covering controversial topics.  MN

Mother Blacklisted $1500 for tutoring for the 14-year-old son whose mother was prevented from finding a job in her field after she pushed her employer to stand by their professed values of equality and inclusion. MI




Families Targeted for Anti-Racist Activism $11,200 for tuition, martial arts and community programs for eight kids, ages seven to 13, from four families, whose fathers all faced repression for their racial justice organizing. Two lost jobs, one was arrested more than 40 times, others faced surveillance, arrest and harassment. CO, GA

Racial Justice Advocates Blacklisted $6920 for educational support for six children, ages seven to 16, from two families, whose mothers were both targeted for their anti-racist organizing in the workplace, fired without cause and have been blacklisted in their fields. GA, OK

Grandmother Stripped of Nation Standing $5000 for school tuition, orthodontia and a computer for four children, ages 10 to 17, whose grandmother and guardian organized for reform within her Nation’s tribal leadership.  She was forced out of her job and had her services and benefits as a Nation member revoked. IN

Family Threatened by KKK $3225 for school tuition, a camera and two CIF awards for four children, ages 14 to 20, of an activist who received death threats from the Klan for her efforts to desegregate a public housing complex. OR

Teen Bullied for Taking a Knee $2000 for school tuition and sports fees for the 17-year-old varsity athlete who has been kneeling in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. She changed schools to escape the torment of her peers, but continues to face harassment by a former coach, whose false claims have put college scholarships and admissions in jeopardy. IL

Family Forced to Move $1500 for educational support for the 16-year-old son whose family was targeted by local officials and had to relocate twice after his mother had prominent roles in several high-profile racial justice campaigns. CA

Mother Beaten and Pepper-Sprayed $1500 for school band-related costs for the 17-year-old son whose mother, an African American community organizer, was targeted by the local police. GA 

Organizer Serving 28 Years $1000 for tutoring for the 16-year-old daughter whose father was a leader of an orga­nization committed to black and brown unity, and human and civil rights. He was convicted of racketeering and sentenced to decades in prison despite maintaining his innocence. NC 




Dad Targeted while in Sanctuary $3810 for after-school programming, driver’s education and a CIF award for four children, ages nine to 20, whose father is an immigrants’ rights leader. Since being denied a stay of deportation and entering sanctuary, DHS and ICE officials have escalated threats and pressure against him. Location withheld

Mom Faces Retaliation for Immigrants’ Rights Advocacy $3000 for childcare and sports for the two sons, ages three and 10, whose mother became a vocal activist from sanctuary. She was granted a temporary stay of deportation and rejoined her community briefly before having to re-enter sanctuary. Then the boys’ father, previously unknown to ICE, was detained in probable retaliation for his wife’s activism. She and her support network continue to face harassment by ICE. Location withheld

Father Deported $2879 for winter camp, a computer and dance lessons for two siblings, ages 11 and 15, whose father has been on the front lines of immigration advocacy for over a decade. He was picked up by ICE in an apparent act of retaliation for his leadership in the movement and deported despite having a pending case. Location withheld  




Parents Fight to Protect Environment $25,400 for a broad range of programs for 16 children, ages three to 18, from five families.  Some parents were beaten and arrested while marching against environmental racism, others were attacked and/or imprisoned for their community organizing work. CA, DC, FL, GA

Anti-Environmental Racism Activists Targeted $5240 for dance and music lessons, tutoring and sports equipment for three kids, ages 10-15, from three families whose parents and guardians are organizing against processing plants being placed in their predominantly black communities. A lawsuit filed by one company names one of the women, and all three have been harassed by local officials. AL, PA

Activities for Child of Native American Environmental Activist $1700 for music classes and therapy for the 15-year-old daughter whose father was jailed for destroying traps set for mountain lions. AZ

Family Fears Physical Harm $1500 for preschool for the five-year-old son whose parents faced intimidation for their environmental activism. Their home address was published and multiple people threatened violence. OR




Daughters Assaulted $4000 for school tuition for the 12 and 16-year-old siblings whose family had to flee their home country after their mother and two sisters were brutalized for the mom’s work against female genital mutilation. NY

Mother Threatened with Loss of Son $2100 for equine therapy and a CIF award for two siblings, ages 10 and 19, whose mother, an LGBTQ rights activist, was threatened by the state with the removal of her son because of her organizing. OR  




Mother Fights to End Torture $1850 for a volleyball program for the 13-year-old daughter whose mother provided advocacy and assistance to women whose rights had been violated in their home country. She was detained and arrested before seeking refuge in the U.S. IL

Mother Attacked $1600 for gymnastics, music lessons and a CIF award for two children, ages 13 and 19, whose mother organized against government corruption in her home nation. She came to the U.S. after the military harassed and assaulted her. IL

Fathers Tortured $1568 for swimming lessons, a computer and dance classes for the 14 and 16-year-old daughters from two families whose dads, now living in the U.S., were tortured for publicly denouncing the human rights violations in their home countries. IL

Mother Forced to Flee $1500 for after-school programming for the son, age 10, whose mother was forced to leave their home country after witnessing the assassination of a doctor. She supported his efforts for patients’ rights to health care; after the murder, soldiers killed the other witness and assaulted her. IL




Father Disabled by Police Beating $4500 for childcare for three siblings, ages seven to eight, whose father, a whistleblower for worker and consumer safety, was laid off and harassed, then arrested and attacked by police. Despite multiple surgeries, he is incapacitated and partially paralyzed. MA

Moms Fired for Advocacy $4475 for school tuition and sports for three kids, ages six to 10, from two families whose mothers were both fired because of organizing efforts on the job. One fought for fair working practices and the other on behalf of students with special needs. GA, MS

Mother Organized After Katrina $2200 for orthodontia and a computer for the son and daughter, ages 12 and 16, whose mother was a leader in the movement demanding the right for residents to return to their public housing units after the storm. In retaliation, she was harassed and jailed on false assault charges. LA 

Sons Flee with Mother $1920 for voice lessons and educational programming for two sons, ages 15 and 17, whose mother was threatened with prison for trying to address the needs of low-income families.  TX

Food Justice Organizer Evicted $1500 for school tuition for the seven-year-old son whose mother opened a restaurant in a food desert that offered free workshops, produce from its on-site farm, meals for the homeless, space for organizers and jobs for underserved youth. She lost everything when the owners of the building illegally ended her lease after expressing disapproval of her clientele. GA

Union Dad Imprisoned $1000 for after-school activities, sports and recreational programs for the 14-year-old son whose father, a labor organizer, was the co-founder of an immigrants’ rights collective and an outspoken critic of the Afghanistan and Iraq occupations.  He was arrested on politically motivated charges and has been in prison since 2012. FL



Children and Parents Working Together for Peace $19,023 for music lessons, childcare, recreational activities and a CIF award for 14 children, ages one to 21, from seven families who are members of pacifist communities.  Parents and teenage children have engaged in peaceful anti-war protests and many of the parents have been imprisoned for civil disobedience.  ME, NJ, NY, NC, VA, WA

Muslim Peace Activists Targeted $7700 for school tuition and a CIF award for six children, ages six to 20, from two families, whose fathers faced harassment and detention for their anti-war and interfaith activism. One had to leave the U.S. to end his family’s and his own persecution, the other is incarcerated. NY

Dad Sentenced to 65 Years for Anti-War Efforts $4000 for a computer and an Attica award for the 18 and 24-year-old daughters to visit their father, whose assistance with peace efforts in the Middle East was considered aiding terrorist organizations by the U.S. court system. TX

Support for Children of Torture Survivors $3500 for a group grant for therapy for kids whose activist parents survived torture in their home countries. The program serves 11 children, ages three to 18, from six refugee families in which at least one parent was a pro-democracy activist. IL

Dad Charged for Protesting with his Children $2050 for bicycle repairs, art supplies and after-school programming for two siblings, ages 13 and 16, whose father was arrested at a peaceful demonstration with his kids. He faced additional charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for bringing his children with him to the event. NC

Father Fights to Stop Grand Jury Witch Hunts $1500 for sports programs for the 13-year-old daughter whose father, a member of a peace and international solidarity group, had his home raided and was threatened with arrest, but refuses to testify before a grand jury investigating anti-war activists. IL


Sons of Political Prisoners Targeted $7400 for tuition and sports for five kids, ages seven to 14, from two families whose fathers are both children of political prisoners. Their activism on behalf of political prisoners’ rights has resulted in police harassment and lost jobs. GA, PA

Mother Threatened for Helping Prisoners $3000 for cultural programs for the five and eight-year-old sons whose mother created an alternative program for inmates at a federal penitentiary. She was accused of conspiring with a political prisoner and threatened with prosecution. NY

Former Political Prisoner Faces Ongoing Harassment $3000 for school tuition for the 10-year-old twins whose father was incarcerated for anti-apartheid efforts and continues to face ongoing targeting for his work to free political prisoners. MA

Dad Punished for Anti-Prison Art $2136 for after-school programming for the six and 10-year-old daughters who were harassed by guards because their incarcerated father advocates for prison abolition in his poetry and writing. His views have resulted in his transfer away from his family and prolonged periods without access to visits, calls or canteen. CO

Mother Harassed for Giving Prisoners a Voice $2000 for sports and school fees for two siblings, ages 16 and 18, whose mother spoke out against inhumane treatment of prisoners while she was incarcerated. She continues to organize despite experiencing significant physical and verbal harassment from prison guards and officials. AL


$5400 for nine CIF awards for eight beneficiaries, ages 18 through 22, from seven families, for books, computers and other educational materials. Their parents fought for peace, justice and human rights. IL, NM, NY, PA, PR


$2000 for a nine-year-old to visit his great grandfather, a long-term political prisoner and indigenous rights activist. ND

[1] Attica Fund Prison Visit grants enable the children and grandchildren of political prisoners to visit their jailed loved ones

[2] CIF awards of $600 are given to 18 to 24-year-olds to help pay for the costs associated with col­lege or similar programs designed to prepare them for adult life

[3] Development grants of up to $1000 are given to TAY to further their education, support their emotional needs or develop their organizing skills