Meet Pamela Means

Most members of the RFC Board of Directors live in western Massachusetts and have strong ties to local, regional and/or national activist communities. They are teachers, community organizers, lawyers, artists, therapists and college professors who are committed to our work supporting the children of targeted activists and targeted activist youth. As Board members they make all granting decisions, help staff our Gatherings and public performances, and are responsible for oversight of the organization.

In an effort to introduce these vital members of our organization to the larger RFC network, we’ve featured their guest posts on this blog in the past. Now we’re delighted to feature a Board member in the first of what we hope will be a series of video profiles of our community. I hope you'll take a look, and meet artist, activist, and RFC Board member, Pamela Means.

Pamela is a gifted singer/songwriter and jazz musician, who often addresses raw and pressing social issues in her music. She's delivered show-stopping performances of "Strange Fruit" and her own original material in RFC events; check out both in the video below.


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Virginia Franco

Pamela Means beautiful and haunting rendition of Strange Fruit was both, heartrenderingly sad and beautiful. I hope to hear more of her performances.

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