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Seeger Fest Photo Essay

From July 17th-21st, 2014, thousands of people came together at locations around New York City and NY state to take part in Seeger Fest (, a celebration of the lives, work, activism and music of original RFC Advisory Board members, Pete and Toshi Seeger.  The RFC was proud to be one of this remarkable and historic event’s sponsors, and members of our staff and board of directors were thrilled to attend many of the festival’s programs – photos of some of which are below.

The folk, hip hop, punk and indie rock artists who participated in the festival believe that the idea of social consciousness in music must be heard louder than ever before. They are carrying on the fight for social, economic, and environmental justice on many fronts. It was a great honor for the RFC to support this event that celebrated not just two truly inspiring individuals, but also the power of the arts as a tool for change – or to borrow the slogan on Pete’s banjo, “to surround hate and force it to surrender.”