RFC’s 2012 Granting Index (Apologies to Harpers)

The final numbers are in enabling us to provide an overview of our granting in 2012.  But first, at the RFC we never forget that it would be impossible for us to aid any children of targeted activists or targeted activist youth without the generous support of our donors.  Thank you.

Associate director, Jenn Meeropol, who will step into my shoes as Executive Director in September, provided the information below.

In 2012, the RFC made 151 grants totaling just under $365,000.   Ten new families joined the RFC community this year, receiving $14,031 in the form of six Targeted Activist Youth (TAY) grants, one Attica Prison Visit grant and three regular grants. These 10 families have 15 children ages one to 24.

Spring 2012

  • In the spring the RFC awarded $185,963.50 to 69 families with 136 children in 23 states plus Puerto Rico.
  • Three were new grants, totaling $3431, all of which were for targeted activist youth ages 14, 19 and 21.
  • The remaining $182,532.50 granted was for renewals for 66 families.
  • Regular grants totaled $173,532.50 for 129 children.
  • Attica: three grants for $6000 for 11 children (ages six to 22) from three families.
  • Targeted Activist Youth received six grants for $6431 for six young people in six families.

Notes about spring 2012 grants:

  • Beneficiaries range in age from 1 to 24 with an average age of 12½ .
  • Grants included nine Carry it Forward Awards, 23 grants for summer camp, 14 grants for music. lessons, and 14 grants for sports and recreational programs.
  • Beneficiaries last spring include three sets of twin girls, ages 13, 14, and 16.

Fall 2012

  • This fall the RFC awarded $178,726.75 to 82 families with 155 children in 23 states plus Puerto Rico.
  • Seven were new grants, totaling $10,600. Three of the new grants were awarded to targeted activist youth ages 21, 23, and 24; three more were regular grants to families with five children ages nine to 17 and the seventh award was an Attica grant to a family with four children ages one to 10.
  • The remaining $168,126.75 granted were renewals for 75 families.
  • Regular grants: 69 awards for $160,426.75 for 132 children.
  • Attica: five grants for $10,000 for 14 children (ages 1 to 23) from 5 families.
  • Targeted Activist Youth (TAY) received nine grants for $8300 for nine young  people  ages 14 to 24.

Notes about fall 2012 grants:

  • All of the new TAY beneficiaries this fall are incarcerated, either for refusing to testify before grand juries or while awaiting trial on terrorism charges for political protests.
  • This fall our average grant was almost $2200 per family and just over $1150 per child.

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