It's Our 20th Anniversary!

It's Our 20th Anniversary!

Twenty years ago, an unfulfilled corporate lawyer with a remarkable personal history sat up in bed and realized what he wanted to do with his life.

That lawyer was Robert Meeropol and the organization that he immediately got to work building was the Rosenberg Fund for Children (RFC).

The RFC provides the shelter of a supportive community for children whose parents are working for social justice, and - as a direct result - have lost their livelihood, their liberty, their physical or emotional well-being or even their lives in the course of that work.

We have awarded millions of dollars to benefit hundreds of children in the U.S. whose parents have been targeted because of their involvement in dozens of progressive movements including the struggles to wage peace; preserve civil liberties; safeguard the environment; and organize on behalf of workers, prisoners and others whose human rights are under threat.

There are many ways you can help us celebrate 20 years of supporting the children of targeted activists, and also help ensure that the RFC will continue to provide a community of support for future generations.

* See photos, video and more from our 20th Anniversary Gala in Northampton, MA on October 17th.

*  Join us at one of the other 20 events in 20 cities around the country over 20 months, celebrating our 20th anniversary. (See our Events calendar here.)

*  Take 2 minutes to ask 2 people to join the RFC's mailing list. (Visit our "2 for 20" campaign page here.)

*  Make an online donation on behalf of the RFC's 20th anniversary. (Click here to donate now.)