Notes from Our Community

Throughout the course of our work—whether in applications, letters, emails or phone calls—we receive communications from both beneficiaries and their parents about the ongoing impact of the targeting they’ve experienced. A teenage girl whose father, a civil rights organizer, is currently incarcerated, writes:

“My father was sentenced to 28 years. This means by the time he gets out I will be 44 years old and my sister will be 40…This year I will be graduating high school and…I won’t have my dad to see me walk across the stage.”

But many of these stories of targeting and fear are tempered by expressions of gratitude for the support these families receive from the RFC community. And sometimes, we receive letters like the one below from a long-time beneficiary (pictured):

“The Rosenberg Fund has allowed me to practice yoga for many years by generously providing money for classes…Yoga has been like therapy for me, I may go into a class with a lot on my mind but by the end of the class all my stress has been washed away. I truly believe that yoga has made me physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger…Thank you to the Rosenberg Fund for Children for the years of grants that helped me to follow my passions; I am eternally grateful.”