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The RFC awarded $190,000 this spring, including grants to seven new recipient families and youth. The first-time beneficiaries include the children in the three families profiled in the blog here, who have experienced truly shocking repression in retaliation for the parents' activism.

Children whose parents have been targeted for their activism to abolish prisons, combat racism, and end female genital mutilation, received first-time grants from the RFC this spring. Learn what these families have endured and how RFC support will help their kids, in the blog here.

A recent plan by New York State threatened to drastically curtail prison visiting hours. The RFC knows how vital these visits are both for those on the inside and also for their families, especially children, on the outside. The RFC blog here illustrates how members of the RFC community have benefited from our grants that help make these visits happen.

Radical attorney and former political prisoner Lynne Stewart Lynne was a relentless fighter for justice, and a long-time friend of the Rosenberg/Meeropol family and the RFC. We share our remembrance of this remarkable person, who passed away on March 7th, in the blog here.

It's very likely that the RFC office will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday March 14th due to a big snow storm expected to hit the northeast. If we have power, you'll be able to reach staff via email (at their direct emails or at info@rfc.org). Hopefully we'll be back to normal hours on Wednesday.

Profiles of members of our community, stories of the targeting our new grantees or their parents have experienced, reflections on the end of the campaign to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg: find all this and more in the new issue of the RFC's "Carry it Forward" newsletter.

Applications are due March 21 for RFC grants to help kids in the U.S. whose parents have experienced repressions because of progressive organizing. Youth who have been targeted for their own organizing can also apply. Grant funds can be used for a huge range of services to meet qualifying kids' educational and emotional needs: therapy, art and cultural programs, sports, yoga, dance, after school programs, daycare, books and other school supplies, computers, organizing training, visits to incarcerated parents, and more. The application process is simple and accessible, up to $3000/child per year is available depending on circumstances, and grant recipients are encouraged to re-apply year after year if their circumstances still warrant support, until they age out of our program. Get more information and applications here.

If you need to reach staff members today, send email to their direct addresses of info@rfc.org.

Ethel's family, and tens of thousands who supported the campaign for her exoneration, watched the clock tick down to the end of Barack Obama's presidency, hoping that in his final hours he would act to exonerate Ethel. When that didn't happen, her sons Robert and Michael released the statement here, about what this campaign did achieve.

On Thursday, December 1, 2016 Robert and Michael Meeropol will appear at the White House gates (as they did 63 years ago) to ask President Obama to exonerate their mother. Evidence shows their mother was wrongfully convicted and executed. Learn more here.