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"Holding children hostage in terrifying and harmful situations in order to punish parents or to try to win political battles is not new. It’s a shameful part of our country’s history. But resisting these injustices is also part of our heritage." Jenn Meeropol - the granddaughter of Ethel & Julius Rosenberg and the executive director of this organization that helps the children of activists today, including immigrants' rights organizers, who've been targeted because of their progressive activities - blogs here about her very personal relationship to the separation of children and parents in politically charged circumstances.

On today’s anniversary of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg's executions, their granddaughter is thinking about two-year-old Angel and his big brother Bryan, children of undocumented immigrants who don’t understand why they can’t live with both parents anymore...and what the Rosenberg Fund for Children is doing to help them. Learn their story here.

There is a small but distinct set of people in the U.S., whose stories are not widely known: the family members of our country's longest held political prisoners.

One of them (who's received RFC grants for many years) has written a guest blog for us. She's a remarkable teenager whose grandfather's decades-long incarceration has spanned her whole life (and beyond). We think you'll be moved by her powerful story here.

Our Spring 2018 newsletter reports on a beautiful, woke, weekend full of love with several dozen of our beneficiaries; Executive Director Jenn Meeropol's thoughts on the new tax reform bill's implications; a preview of upcoming events around the country with activist artists; the announcement of a Tony-nominated actress who's joined the Advisory Board; and the stories of the young activists and children of activists who received grants in our most recent cycle. Read the newsletter here.

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For people who have been gone for almost 65 years, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg turn up a lot…and in some surprising ways. In connection to Donald Trump, a 1970s rock star, a re-imagined 1950s cartoon character, or a modern dance troupe in North Carolina, these are just a few of near-constant mentions of the iconic couple in today's news and pop culture explored in the blog here.

Are you a baby boomer who is now required to make annual, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from your 401(k) or 403(b) retirement account? These distributions are taxed as income, but they become tax-deductible if they are donated to the RFC.

Did you know that the charitable gift tax-deduction benefit is at risk in the proposed new tax plan, thus RFC donors who can afford to give stock may have one, final opportunity, before the turn of the year, to receive the maximum tax benefit by giving vastly appreciated stock which the RFC can sell without paying any tax to the Trumpites? Robert Meeropol explains more about how both donors and the RFC can benefit before potential changes in tax law take affect, in the blog here.

We're halfway through awarding our fall grants, and so far we're on track to fund more new applicants than we have in the last five years: a clear sign that there's both fierce resistance happening in our community, and fierce repression. The new grantees' stories described in the blog here are harrowing, but also inspiring.

Join progressive singer-songwriter Jean Rohe for an intimate, solo house concert to benefit the Rosenberg Fund for Children.

  • Sat., November 4th
  • 7:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Watertown, MA (private residence near Mt. Auburn & Common St.)
  • Contact info@rfc.org or (413) 529-0063 for address and to reserve a spot
  • $25 suggested donation at the door (no advanced tix)

RFC Executive Director Jenn Meeropol - the granddaughter of Ethel Rosenberg - will speak briefly about the RFC's work.

In our latest newsletter, you'll find info on this year's Art & Activism themed events, including several coming up this fall; our Executive Director's reflections on reaching her 10-year anniversary at the RFC; stories of the activist families whose kids we're helping; and more. Get all the details here.