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On Sep 28. 2015 - what would have been her 100th birthday - Members of the New York City Council issued a proclamation declaring the U.S. government "wrongfully executed Ethel Rosenberg." On Ethel's 101st bday anniversary, her granddaughter explains in the blog here, how that stunning event led to the campaign underway now to seek a similar proclamation from President Obama.

There are hard stories and there are happy ones in the many notes our grantees send us. Read letters from several of them in our Fall Newsletter here.

RFC grants that enable our beneficiaries to visit their loved ones in prison, are among the most meaningful to the recipients. Jenn Meeropol shares some of their stories in the RFC Fall 2016 Newsletter here.

The RFC is pleased to be sponsoring the first Camp Kinderland Arts & Activism Festival on Labor Day weekend. And RFC Executive Director Jenn Meeropol is especially excited to attend, because of all the ways camp has been meaningful in her own life. She shares those memories and connections, and detalis about the festival, in the blog here.

What motivated the Rosenbergs? What would Julius think about the campaign to ‪#‎ExonerateEthel‬? Why are we not trying to exonerate him as well? And why did Julius and Ethel refuse to cooperate with the government, even though threatened with the death penalty? Julius & Ethel's son Robert Meeropol addresses these questions in the blog here.

How would the man who wrote "Strange Fruit" feel about it being used in the trailer for The Birth of a Nation, the upcoming film about the Nat Turner slave rebellion? The writer's son shares his thoughts about that, and about his belief that the song is often mischaracterized, in a blog post (that includes the trailer) here.

Our most recent round of grants is aiding beneficiaries who came to us as a result of the targeting of organizers in the Black Lives Matter and Our Walmart movements, and various other progressive struggles. What's happening to organizers working for social justice is appalling. But thanks to the generous support of RFC contributors, the aid we're able to provide to their kids (and to young activists targeted directly), is making a profound difference to these "children of resistance." Meet the newest members of the RFC community on the RFC blog, here.

When Ethel Rosenberg was executed, her sons were just 6 and 10 years old. New evidence shows she was not a spy. This Mother's Day, join her sons' campaign to finally get justice for their mother. Share this Facebook video about the campaign and ask your friends to sign the petition calling on President Obama to exonerate Ethel, at www.rfc.org/ethel.

If you have any trouble connecting to tonight's conference call starting at 8pm Eastern, try calling any of these back-up numbers (and use the same PIN you were emailed):


And feel free to email exonerate@rfc.org if you have a question for the presenters.

More than 5700 people have signed the petition calling on President Obama to exonerate Ethel Rosenberg. On Tuesday, April 26 at 8 pm Eastern time,  Ethel's son Robert Meeropol and granddaughter Jenn Meeropol will discuss the shocking, recent developments in the Rosenberg Case that prompted the family to start the petition. They'll share backstory about why they are focused on Ethel but not Julius. They'll explain why this campaign is important today, what strategies are coming up to expand it, and how you can help. And they'll take questions from listeners. To join the call you must register in advance by clicking here to get directions on how to dial in. After the call, all who registered will receive notes from the discussion and a link to an audio recording. So even if you can’t join the call live, register now to receive this firsthand information from Robert and Jenn Meeropol.