Applications and Deadlines


Please review the information sheet and the grant guidelines at the beginning of the application before completing the application. Please note that a complete application requires that ALL QUESTIONS BE ANSWERED; incomplete applications will not be considered.

There are different applications for renewal requests (for families who have received grants from the RFC in the past), for new families (for those who have not yet received RFC support for any children in the family) and for a new child (for children born or adopted into a family which has received support from the RFC for other children from the RFC). In addition, all requests for a computer must include the Computer Request Form, available below.  Attica Fund Prison Visit applications must be accompanied by a regular application.

In special cases a Group Grant may be requested. A Group Grant application should be used if you wish to apply on behalf of a group of young people (if anonymity is required for personal safety) who meet our granting guidelines or if you wish to apply for a group focused on of serving the educational and emotional needs of children in a community that has experienced pervasive repression in response to the community’s resistance to oppression. To request a Group Grant application please contact Sophie Chambers, Granting Coordinator, at (413) 529-0063 or


Application Deadlines

Applications are considered twice each year. The deadline for applications for Spring grants is March 21st and for Fall grants is October 13th. The RFC Board of Directors awards all grants.

Please note that late applications will be considered last and may not be funded.



If you would like any of the files below e-mailed to you, or if you have questions or need assistance with the application and granting process, please contact Sophie Chambers, Granting Coordinator, at (413) 529-0063 or