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Welcome to the inaugural post of the RFC's new blog!

When I was a sophomore at Earlham College, I wrote a weekly column in the Earlham Post entitled “Out on a Limb.” I used this platform to sound off about any campus-related activity that caught my attention. Mostly, it was a “student power” rant that really put me out on a limb given the conservatism of much of the student body and administration.

Now, over 40 years later I’m taking another step into the 21st century by starting a blog in which I will answer RFC people’s communications (without breaching anyone’s privacy), as well as address topics that I believe will interest the RFC community.

I’d like to entitle this new blog, "Out on a Limb."  But I wonder if I’m just indulging in a bit of nostalgia. Then again, I think the title is not as far-fetched as it might seem at first. In a number of ways the Rosenberg Fund for Children project is really out there.

A number of people felt I was delusional when I first floated the idea of working full time to raise money to give away to targeted activists’ children. No one had ever heard of a public foundation with that goal.

Beyond that, the RFC established four guiding principles: All people have equal worth; people are more important than profits; world peace is a necessity; and society must function within ecologically sustainable limits. The children of activists who have been targeted for promoting these principles are eligible for RFC grants even if we disagree with some of their tactics, actions or beliefs.

We fund children whose parents participate in such a broad range of progressive movements that I think almost every one of our supporters would disagree with some of the positions of at least one of the activist families we support. Asking people to give money to an organization that might give some of it away to people they disagree with is really going out on a limb. Yet, I take great pride that we have thrived while adhering to this pluralistic principle for almost 20 years.

But then I worry that those who first read the blog without seeing this explanation of the title will be completely perplexed by it.

So what you do think? Is this title, and what it says about this organization, the right one? Or do any of you creative readers have a suggestion for a different title that you think would better reflect the essence of the RFC community?

Send us your feedback  by commenting on this post or emailing   (If you comment on the post and want us to be able to reach you, please include your email address in your comment.)  If we decide to use one of your titles, we’ll reward you with a suitable prize of RFC material such as a book, poster, t-shirt, tote bag, etc!


It was great to see you three at the Odessy Bookstore!

I like the name Out on a Limb, I've often felt like that expressing my views and activism. The only other name that came to my mind was, The Silver Lining.

I like "From the Belly of the Beast," myself but I suppose that's too negative.

Dear Robby
I think, since continuity of the struggle for a better world is a main theme of RFC, how apt to bring to today something you created in college. I like the "Out on a limb together" idea... because you have created a community to step out with you.

I think your old post column's name "Out on a limb" is very good. But, I might add "Out on a limb for justice!"

Gary De Santis

Robby- what a great idea to start a blog. I'm excited to see what you will have to say during this new time of global challenges.

I also like the name Out on a Limb, Together. But I agree that it may not be an obvious title to those who are unfamiliar with the RFC. I just love the name of your performance (Celebrate the Children of Resistance) and wonder if it could also be used for your blog, as it's specific to the main goal of the RFC--supporting children. Or maybe something similar to this but not identical: Witnessing the Children, "Supporting" or "Empowering" the Children of Resistance, just Children of Resistance, or something like that.

Best of luck!

How about letting the children you serve name it. They are the ones out on a limb, as were you when you were young. The organization serves to help them off that limb and in to safety. I dont think you are meaning to name a social change movement but rather the work of your unique organization. And thanks for all you do.

I think "Supporting the Children" conveys the idea of what RFC is about better than any of the other titles... but the poet in me loves "Out on a Limb." I guess it depends on how important it is that people going to the blog (i.e. RFC) for the first time get an immediate sense of what the organization is about. In the long run I guess I would go with "Out on a Limb" because content usually gets rather quickly identified with good titles. Hope everyone there is well. Love, Margaret.

At first I was playing with RFC for possible names:Reach(ing) for Compassion/Community, but that may interfere too much with the name of the movement.

I also like Supporting/Witnessing/Empowering the Children of Resistance because it clearly describes your work.

Out on a Limb is very poetic, but it may produce negative reactions among people not familiar with the history and mission of RFC. Out on a Limb for Justice, however, clarifies that ambiguity. I like it.

In many ways, you are like the compassionate step-child of the ACLU.


I'm so pleased that so many of you took the time to read the request and think about a good title. We'll try to make a decision by the end of the week. And thank you for your supportive statements. I'm not at all surprised, but it is good to reaffirm how active and engaged the RFC community is. Robert Meeropol


How about a name that expresses the fundamental underlying principle of RFC? I suggest the name "Human Solidarity."

David Brodsky

Ok, I'm a little late! I like the title "Out On A Limb" with the subtitle "Now and Then". Just my 2 cents. Hope the blog reaches a lot of people. People need to know these things.

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