Name That Blog!

Welcome to the inaugural post of the RFC's new blog!

When I was a sophomore at Earlham College, I wrote a weekly column in the Earlham Post entitled “Out on a Limb.” I used this platform to sound off about any campus-related activity that caught my attention. Mostly, it was a “student power” rant that really put me out on a limb given the conservatism of much of the student body and administration.

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And the Winner Is...

Earlier this week, I asked RFC supporters for their help naming this blog. I was thrilled to get so many enthusiastic responses and thoughtful suggestions! You can read some of the comments right on the “Name That Blog” post. Many other replies came to me by email. Your ideas for a title included “The Silver Lining,” “From the Belly of the Beast,” “Out On a Limb for Justice,” and “Children of Change,” among others.

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