We Don't Require Purity

Last Saturday’s RFC reception in Seattle, the second event in a series of 20 to celebrate our 20th anniversary, was a big success. Once again, we had a bigger crowd and raised more than we anticipated. Those who attended were very engaged. I was particularly impressed by the lively in-depth discussion we had after my talk. We ended by addressing the issue of the RFC’s definition of “political prisoner.”

If An Agent Knocks

I recently received a notice from one of my favorite organizations, The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). (Full disclosure, my younger daughter, Rachel Meeropol, works as an attorney there so I may not be entirely objective.) The CCR has reissued its pamphlet, “If An Agent Knocks” as a public service. Since this pamphlet is designed as an aid for targeted activists, and the RFC’s mission is to provide for the educational and emotional needs of the children of targeted activists, I am reproducing the CCR’s information about their pamphlet here as a service to the RFC community:

Supporting the Children of Targeted Activists, Fall 2013

My most recent blogs have focused on possible new directions for the RFC. I also shared a lovely letter from a beneficiary family expressing their appreciation for aid for their young daughter. And they explained why, now that the crisis had passed for them, they chose to not request support this fall in the hopes that it would leave funds available for other families in more immediate need of assistance.