Dozens of New Grants Include One for an Occupier

We’ve just completed our Spring 2012 Granting Cycle at the RFC. We awarded over $185,000 to 69 families with 136 children in 23 states plus Puerto Rico. As is often the case the vast majority of our grants were “renewals” going to children who we are already aiding. This is in line with our objective of being a dependable source of multi-year support for those we help.

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Making it All Worthwhile

We’re in the midst of making our fall grants. During my six-plus years as granting coordinator this was both a favorite and difficult time of the year. I enjoyed hearing from the families we support, especially since many of them include updates about both their situations and their children with their requests for funding. But it’s also difficult to read the stories of hardship and on going trauma to children and families.

Supporting the Children of Targeted Activists, Fall 2013

My most recent blogs have focused on possible new directions for the RFC. I also shared a lovely letter from a beneficiary family expressing their appreciation for aid for their young daughter. And they explained why, now that the crisis had passed for them, they chose to not request support this fall in the hopes that it would leave funds available for other families in more immediate need of assistance.

New Grants for Children of Environmental, Anti-Police Brutality and Public Housing Activists

We’re in the midst of our fall granting cycle this month at the RFC. We’ve made our first of two sets of awards. Already, four families and one targeted activist youth have joined our community as new grant recipients. These new grantees include:

2020 Spring Grants

This spring the RFC awarded:

  • 67 grants totaling $149,610 to support 151 kids from 75 families, including a group grant for a music therapy program

  • An additional, special grant of up to $18,400 for$200 individual grocery gift cards to all current families who are eligible for our grant funding. So far, we’ve sent cards to 57 families to help support 116 kids.

  • That brings to total granted by the RFC to over $7.5 million!