June 19th, 1953; Not all Bad?

I could easily fill up a book with the stories people have told me about the impact the events that took place on June 19th, 1953 had on their lives. That was the day my parents were executed. Most of the stories are sad, even tragic. Others can make you very angry. But there were also some good things that happened on that day.

I received the following note from a supporter yesterday:

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Helping Activist Parents Protect their Children

Guest blog by Jenn Meeropol, RFC Associate Director

We often talk about the families who receive our grants as part of the “RFC community.” I was reminded of the strength of the connections and compassion within this community this week as I reached out to several of our current families for help responding to a request for assistance from a new set of parents under attack.

Why I’ve Served on the RFC Board for Almost Two Decades

[Guest blog by Rafael Rodríguez Cruz]

As I read the Winter/Spring issue of Carry It Forward, I realized that I have been a member of the RFC Board for almost 17 years. I still remember my first meeting with Robby Meeropol and Bruce Miller in the summer of 1997 to talk about my potential candidacy for the Board.

Children of Reproductive Rights and Civil Rights Activists Receive New Grants along with Young Environmental Activist

We just completed our spring granting cycle and I’m happy to welcome two new beneficiary families and another targeted activist youth to our community. These new grantees include: