Why I’ve Served on the RFC Board for Almost Two Decades

[Guest blog by Rafael Rodríguez Cruz]

As I read the Winter/Spring issue of Carry It Forward, I realized that I have been a member of the RFC Board for almost 17 years. I still remember my first meeting with Robby Meeropol and Bruce Miller in the summer of 1997 to talk about my potential candidacy for the Board.

Cuba & the Cuban 5: An Interview with RFC Board Chair Rafael Rodriguez Cruz

The RFC staff was in a meeting on December 17th, 2014 when our phone rang. One of my co-workers stepped into an office to answer the call. The remaining staff continued talking until we heard her surprised, excited response to the caller, our Board chair, Rafael Rodríguez Cruz. He was on his way to Cuba for an educational trip and was calling from Miami to let us know that President Obama had announced plans to normalize relations with Cuba and release the remaining incarcerated members of the Cuban 5.