Students Take Over the University of Puerto Rico

I received an email three days ago from the mother of one of our Puerto Rican beneficiaries. It included a picture of her reaching out to touch her son through the cast iron fence that surrounds the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, campus. He has been an RFC beneficiary since the age of two, and now is one of the students on strike and occupying the campus.

Why I’ve Served on the RFC Board for Almost Two Decades

[Guest blog by Rafael Rodríguez Cruz]

As I read the Winter/Spring issue of Carry It Forward, I realized that I have been a member of the RFC Board for almost 17 years. I still remember my first meeting with Robby Meeropol and Bruce Miller in the summer of 1997 to talk about my potential candidacy for the Board.

Guest Blog: Bridging Education and Activism

(Guest blog by former RFC beneficiary Davíd Morales)

I remember the exact moment I received the email from school admin, a couple of days before my high school graduation, notifying me that I would not be participating in the commencement ceremony. My heart raced while reading it and then sank at the thought of my immigrant parents, who had sacrificed so much, not being able to see their first child walk across the stage.