What Should We Do With Khalid Shaikh Mohammed?

Recently, the Obama Administration’s plan to bring Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, characterized as “the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks,” from Guantánamo and try him and several others in a Federal Court in New York City has made headlines. Those on the right have attacked this decision claiming, among other things, that Mohammed should be kept in Guantánamo, that he does not deserve constitutional rights, and that such a trial will expose New York City to further attacks.

Bradley Manning

The case of Private Bradley Manning, accused of being the source of Wikileaks’ massive outing of “secret” United States diplomatic information virtually disappeared from the mainstream media during the last few months. My Google search earlier this week produced just two articles in alternative newspapers that even mentioned his name during the past month. That changed today, however, because after 18 months in detention, a military court is holding a hearing to determine whether Bradley Manning should face a Court Martial.

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