Support Bradley Manning

Last week I joined the Advisory Board of the Bradley Manning Support Network. I sought them out not only because it is a honor to join a Board that includes Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, as well as Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame, and filmmaker Michael Moore, among others, but also because I believe it is imperative for as many people as possible to raise their voices in support of Manning.

Bradley Manning

The case of Private Bradley Manning, accused of being the source of Wikileaks’ massive outing of “secret” United States diplomatic information virtually disappeared from the mainstream media during the last few months. My Google search earlier this week produced just two articles in alternative newspapers that even mentioned his name during the past month. That changed today, however, because after 18 months in detention, a military court is holding a hearing to determine whether Bradley Manning should face a Court Martial.

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Ethel & Julius Rosenberg and Bradley Manning: A Question of Loyalty

The case of Private Bradley Manning, accused of being the source of Wikileaks’ massive outing of “secret” United States diplomatic information, is back in the news. He is now in the midst of a procedural hearing (technically called an Article 32 hearing) to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to hold a Court Martial (see for additional information).

Bradley Manning: The Judiciary’s Shame

Earlier this week I read that Bradley Manning’s lawyers have moved that the charges against him be dismissed on the grounds that he has been subjected to “unlawful pretrial punishment” and “unduly onerous confinement conditions.”  Manning provided testimony in court on Tuesday in support of this motion.  (

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Wounded Knee 40 Years On

Guest post by Amber Black, RFC Public Relations & Technology Coordinator

Honoring resistance is at the core of what we do here at the RFC.  A lot of our focus right now is on the lead-up to the 60th anniversary this June, of the executions of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg - our namesake and inspiration, and a mighty symbol of resistance.

Bradley Manning: Nobel Laureate?

Normally, I don’t use my blog solely to reprint material posted by others, but both the importance of Bradley Manning’s case and the connection I feel to it compels me to do so in this instance.  A post from follows below: 

Whistleblower Bradley Manning has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he should receive it. 

Let's help make that happen.

Treason Revisited

The subject of treason came up in a rerun of the television series I was watching last week.   Naturally, the heroes got involved in foiling a terrorism plot.  While being given classified government information during a briefing they were told that if they divulge anything about it they would be committing treason.  I didn’t think anything of this at the time, perhaps because recently I’ve heard similar statements on several other TV shows.

For Bradley Manning

I feel a kinship with Bradley Manning.  In all likelihood a few weeks from now a military judge will sentence him to serve several decades in prison for violating the Espionage Act of 1917.  My parents, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, were convicted of violating the same act and executed just over 60 years ago when I was six years old.  But that’s only the beginning of my sense of connection with him.  The prosecutors, and now the judge, have labeled Manning’s actions espionage, theft and several other unsavory terms.  Stripped of the pejorative legal expressions, however, what Manning really d