60 Years Too Late

February 25th will mark the 60th anniversary of the United States Appeals Court’s affirmation of my parents’ conviction for Conspiracy to Commit Espionage. As I have explained before, my parents were convicted of conspiracy- not spying, espionage or treason as the mainstream media usually reports. Prosecutors like conspiracy charges because the law in this country holds everyone involved in the conspiracy responsible for all the acts of any of the conspirators in furtherance of the conspiracy.

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Heading for Brazil

I’m convinced that humans make a big deal out of anniversaries in multiples of 10 because we have ten fingers. The RFC is not immune to this trend. We’ve staged major programs in New York City on the 40th and 50th anniversary of my parents’ execution, and are already beginning to plan for the 60th in June 2013. But for me every anniversary is important, and whether I am marking it quietly at home or on stage before thousands, it is an emotionally laden time.

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"The Buck Stops Here" and Other Distortions

President Harry S. Truman was famous for the sign on his desk that read, “The buck stops here.” But when it came to my parents’ case this proved just as false as so many other truisms about our government - such as that all citizens be afforded due process before the law, be presumed innocent until proven guilty, or that our constitution’s “separation of powers” would prevent the judicial branch of government from conspiring with the executive branch to speed an execution.

Wounded Knee 40 Years On

Guest post by Amber Black, RFC Public Relations & Technology Coordinator

Honoring resistance is at the core of what we do here at the RFC.  A lot of our focus right now is on the lead-up to the 60th anniversary this June, of the executions of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg - our namesake and inspiration, and a mighty symbol of resistance.

The Final Days of My Parents’ Lives

The RFC’s program, Carry it Forward, will take place this Sunday evening, June 16th, just days before the exact date of the 60th anniversary of my parents’ execution.  In response to this timing, my wife, Elli, who authored the script, wrote this year’s performance in four acts to mirror my parents’ final four days.  In 2009, I wrote blogs on five consecutive days that outlined the events of the last five days of my parents’ lives and my reaction to them.  The