RFC there for many movements in 2012

 What do the son of a Black Panther released after 27 years of false imprisonment, a young activist who traveled over a thousand miles to demonstrate against NATO, a mother with young children who is an Iraq war resister, three young radicals jailed for refusing to talk to a witch-hunting grand jury, a single mom with a teenage daughter fired for spearheading a unionization campaign at Walmart, and a refugee father fleeing from torture in Africa have in common?   They and/or their families were all welcomed into the RFC community of support this fall.

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RFC’s 2012 Granting Index (Apologies to Harpers)

The final numbers are in enabling us to provide an overview of our granting in 2012.  But first, at the RFC we never forget that it would be impossible for us to aid any children of targeted activists or targeted activist youth without the generous support of our donors.  Thank you.

Associate director, Jenn Meeropol, who will step into my shoes as Executive Director in September, provided the information below.

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