20/20/20 Full Speed Ahead

My daughter, Jenn, and I just returned from a very quick trip to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the sixth event in our 20/20/20 program. As you may recall the Rosenberg Fund for Children currently is staging 20 events over a 20 month period to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Special weekend

Last weekend was terrific for the RFC, Elli and me. It started in Ann Arbor, where Elli and I visited dear old friends who helped organize an RFC reception, and ended in Chicago at an RFC party hosted by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. We raised almost $10,000 as part of the Fund’s 20th anniversary 20/20/20 program, but I’ll focus on the personal, rather than the financial aspects, of the weekend.

Gun Lap

The RFC has begun the final lap of our 20/20/20 marathon. In September 2009 in Albany, NY, we held the first reception of our project to stage 20 events, in 20 cities, over 20 months to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We (usually me and my daughter Jenn, who will take over my duties as Executive Director in a couple of years) have met, thanked and discussed the RFC endeavor with a couple of thousand supporters and new friends since then.

It’s Over!

We began planning for the RFC’s 20th anniversary over two years ago. We’d produced several large-scale dramatic readings interspersed with music to mark prior milestones such as the 40th and 50th anniversary of my parents’ execution or the RFC’s 10th anniversary, but this time we wanted to do something different. Rather than one big event on or near the anniversary date (September 4th, 2010), we decided to hold 20 events, in 20 cities, over 20 months (our 20/20/20 program).

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2011 ushered in a new era of activism; although from the mainstream media’s perspective the wave of global protest didn’t crash upon our nation’s shores until the fall. Perhaps at the RFC we should have been aware of its impending arrival, because we noted an uptick in new applications starting at the beginning of the year. We weren’t swamped with requests from the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement in 2011 because it was still in its infancy when our fall application deadline passed in early October.