The Rosenberg Case

Despite massive, worldwide protest, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed on June 19, 1953, at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, NY, after being convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Espionage in one of the most hotly-debated trials in U.S. history.

Read Robert Meeropol's blog posts about Final Verdict, (including "Surprise Ending," Parts 1,2,3) for information on this book by Walter and Miriam Schneir published Oct 12, 2010, which unveils a startling new interpretation of what really happened in the Rosenberg Case. (Listen to a public radio interview with co-author Miriam Schneir, and Rosenberg son Michael Meeropol, here.)

Check out press coverage about the case.

Read the proclamations  honoring Ethel Rosenberg by the New York City Council and the Manhattan Borough President, issued on Ethel Rosenberg's 100th birthday, September 28, 2015.

For an additional source of information about the Rosenberg case, click here for the National Committee to Reopen the Rosenberg Case website.


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